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Champion Sprayon® Ant & Roach Killer - 15 oz. Net Wt.

Protects against sow bugs up to 3 weeks. Protects against ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks up to 2 weeks. Contains Esfenvalerate®. Can Size 20. USDA: F2.

Alternate #5107
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Champion Sprayon® Flying Insect Killer - 18 oz.

Kills houseflies, mosquitoes, other flying pests. Effective against ants, centipedes, spiders. Can Size 16. USDA: F1. EPA #498-116.

Alternate #5102
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Misty® Dualcide P3 - 17 oz. Net Wt.

Combining natural pyrethrins with a synergist and Permethrin in a water base, this formula has one of the lowest toxicity profiles and highest activity ratings. It is both safer to use and more effective. Residual activity up to 3 months after spraying. Can Size 20. 12 per case.

Alternate #A00442
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